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What We Do

We use Indigenous cultural protocols and ways of looking at the world to guide theater and film making/writing. We facilitate equitable connections between clients and Indigenous communities. We advise in program development to build bridges between organizations and Indigenous artists. We have a team of Indigenous people who have been doing this work for years and are experienced in many areas; writing, directing, acting, dancing, music, designing etc. We adapt to fit for whatever mode of expression a theater maker/ film maker chooses. We bring a sensitivity to different theatrical forms that have existed on this continent for centuries. We assist with research, tribal connections, cultural training and offer artistic workshops open to Indigenous theater artists and their allies.  

Origin Story

Larissa and Ty work from coast to coast and consult on Indigenous/Native American projects together and separately. In 2015 they thought, “Why don’t we form our own business?”  As artists and change makers they decided to create Indigenous Direction to serve Indigenous/Native populations and non-Indigenous/non-native folks.

Practice Areas
  • Theatre Collaborations

  • Film/Entertainment

  • Writing

  • LGBTQ+/Two Spirit

  • ​Curriculum Development

  • Education

  • Design 

  • Performing/Cultural Arts

  • Indigenous Models

  • Resources 

  • Contacts

  • Protocols

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