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We want to call to action your help with a national atrocity of injustices for Native American/First Nations/Indigenous Peoples'. Two of the country's biggest issues; racism and the environment. Below are some movements that are happening and things you can do.  The earth is the ground on which we stand together, let's protect her. 

The Standing Rock Movement:

An oil company intends to create an oil pipeline across 1,172 miles of land that includes Native American treaty lands, ancient burial grounds, and the Missouri River. The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has taken a bold stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) near their reservation in North Dakota.  Tensions are rising as the prayer camp gains support from around the world.  The time to add your support is now, before a judgment is expected on September 9th and while other construction sites along the route are still in dispute.  



• What's Happening at Standing Rock, Outside Online 

• Take a Stand at Standing Rock, NY Times

• Lawrence O'Donnell's excellent summary (here) 


What can help look like for you to take action. Below are 10 ways you can help the movement:


1.  Go to Standing Rock, spend time there with the people, you are welcome.


2.  If you go and want to protest, sign the pledge of resistance (here).


3.  Social media: post a written article and inform your family and friends about the Dakota Pipeline on your FaceBook or Twitter.  Send the post to your list serves.


 4.  Use hashtags: #StandwithStandingRock, #WaterisLife, or #NoDAPL


5.  Write a letter of support from your theater or institution to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe directly (here).


6.  Sign the petition on We The People to get a White House response (here).


7.  Send supplies to Sacred Stone Camp.  A list and mailing address can be found (here).


8.  Donate to the Legal Defense through Sacred Stone Camp (here).


9.  Keep up to date everyday with new articles that will come out leading up to the Judge's decision on 9/9/2016.


10.  Create a community dialog, create a program, commission a play to let folks know in your area what is happening.  There are many places of protest along the DAPL route that need your help.

Miigwetch/Ya^wako/Pilamaya/Thank you for listening,



- The team at Indigenous Direction 

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