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To Whom It May Concern:


If you are part of a theatre or art practicing institution, we at Indigenous Direction encourage you and your colleagues to find ways to make systematic progress by referring to the second Monday in October as “Indigenous Peoples' Day” (formally known to some as Columbus Day).


Please read this article from Indian Country today (here) that highlights key points about the false history of Christopher Columbus sailing to the United States in 1492 (known to the first nations people as Turtle Island) and claiming ownership. How can land be discovered when Indigenous Peoples' already inhabited the land?


Indigenous Direction is inviting you to take part in a national initiative by placing a message about the holiday in your away message box to educate others about this observance. 


Messages can be simple as: 

"In recognition of Indigenous Peoples' Day on October 12th, I am away and will reposed to your email when I return to work."

Please join the 23 United States (and counting) in this change for the future and let us recognize Indigenous/Native American/First Nations Peoples' who have since time immortal defended their cultures, lands, and future. 

For more information please contact us at,

Here is an article from NPR (here) that highlights the timeline and progress of this long overdue change. 

Miigwetch/Ya^wako/Pilamaya/Thank you for listening,

-The team at Indigenous Direction

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